Schmuckphantasien aus Glas

The singularity of each piece lies on the constant creative exchange between the designer and Venetian artisans.  The wearer of these creations are the beneficiaries of this experience in which the exciting world of opulence and purity meet.

The designs are in no way restricted, making the creative possibilities virtually endless. The selection of each and every part that will compose a particular piece - which leaves always room for improvisation - invariably produces a new 'discovery' every time.
This is perfectly examplified when the beads, among the daring and flirty display of colors, suddenly gain - an unexpected conciseness.  This, in turn, creates the occasion when - the inside of this aesthetic frame explodes and deeper spheres are captured, filled with intensive emotions and intuitive perceptions.

Within each piece, whether it is classic work or created with innovative and modern glass beads, there is a triumphant fusion between the modern and the traditional, between Avant-garde and enduring worth.